What are the different types of bonuses that are offered by online platforms, and why?

Everybody these days has started betting or gambling online due to which the online websites have started giving many schemes and bonuses to attract new customers. Gambling is being done on a large scale from all around the world. Some of the websites, like online casino singapore is giving a huge amount of bonuses in the form of cash and some other benefits. 

Some people worry about why these platforms are giving so many of incentives. The answer to the question is, firstly they need more customers attracted towards them and another reason is they want to boost the morale of their existing customers. Let’s study more about what types of bonuses these website offers.

Bonus on refer or referral bonus

The name of this bonus is proving all the information itself. When we use a platform and like it, we use it to share that information with our loved ones so that they can also use that. Similarly, when you like an online platform, and you share it with your friends and family, the website gives you free money, which is called a bonus.

This bonus can be used to play and earn money without paying from your personal saving. Websites like online casino Singapore provide a good amount of compensation which you can make for free and win big.

Sign up/welcome bonus

These are the bonuses that encourage you to download the application and play on it. These kinds of bonuses are provided to you for free. This bonus can be availed in two types; one is when you join the app and register, the website offers you some part of the amount, which is generally a small portion.

The other type is when you add some cash to your wallet; some percentage is provided of the total amount added by you. Some websites like online casino Singapore offer you a good amount without requiring any additional cash option, which is really cool. This bonus can be availed only once.

Free or lucky spin

This is a very usual bonus which is provided by every website, or we say by most of the sites. These spins are also an absolutely free bonus that can be used for earning money. Some websites like online casino Singapore give you the option of lucky spin after every 24 hours. These kinds of bonuses generally have an expiry that means they will disappear after a certain period of time. These bonuses are also for boosting you and for keeping you betting every day. These bonuses keep you active in the game 24/7. 


To sum up, it has been clearly mentioned about the bonuses and why a platform provides these bonuses. Some of the good websites are mentioned above, which provides you a free bonus which is online casino Singapore. These are some of the primary bonuses; also, there are many more bonuses which we will discuss later.

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